JavaScript or JS is the most popular client-side programming language which is used by more than 90% of websites in recent times. The language is so popular that every browser comes with a JS engine to run JavaScript code on devices. It is easy to insert JS code on any web page which makes it highly interoperable. It allows you to create rich interfaces to deliver a better UI/UX experience.

high load web application architecture

They are immediately allowed to navigate to the application’s home page to avert them from bouncing off. Message queues facilitate asynchronous behavior in web applications. Asynchronous behavior allows the modules to communicate in the background without hindering their primary tasks. When discussing databases, there are a lot of concepts and trade-offs involved and I am just oversimplifying things here.

Application Modernization Strategy: The Key Factors

It helps you to treat servers, network, database and other IT resources as softwares and manage them using config files. As such, you can spin up resources instantly on-demand, manage configuration consistency, eliminate configuration drifts while increasing high load systems software development efficiency. Terraform and AWS CloudFormation are two most popular Iac tools. While designing the multi-server architecture, organizations can either connect multiple OS deployment servers to a single database or multiple databases.

Combined with Rails framework, it allows developers to quickly build and deploy apps. Testing is quick and easy owing to the dependency injection architecture style. For more details about building highly scalable and reliable workloads using a microservices architecture, refer to Design Your Workload Service Architecture. The reason the above factors are necessary is because, with the right attributes, you can build a better app. Not to mention, by supporting horizontal and vertical growth, software deployment is much more efficient, user-friendly and reliable.

Load balancer

Content management systems (CMS) also benefit from this model, since consistent web ACL and rules can protect multiple websites hosted on their CMS platform. This operating model provides uniform protection against web-based attacks and centralized administration across multiple AWS accounts. For managing all your accounts and applications in AWS Organizations, use AWS Firewall Manager. In today’s highly competitive software world, creating quality products and services is not enough to gain the trust of customers.

And they make the network calls to the backend only to persist the game state. This article takes a deep dive into web application architecture with designing a real-world use case. When you want to build a lightweight application and when you are on a tight budget, monolithic architecture will serve the purpose. However, it makes sense to use a monolithic model when your development team is working from a single location and not spread remotely.

How to decide which architecture model is best for your application

With caching in place, the frontend doesn’t need to contact the database constantly. There is temporary storage on the client side from where the web app can extract required data. Many organizations use Kubernetes to manage containers and ensure that there is no downtime. Kubernetes provides container orchestration in multiple hosts and is used for container lifecycle management. You can automate deployment, auto-scale your application, and build fast and ship fast using Kubernetes. In monolithic architecture, all these components coexist as a single module managed (mostly) by a single team—everything is bundled together.

high load web application architecture

It is important to consider the elements and resources that would take action on the flow, such as the API, cloud storage, technologies and databases. Google Cloud Storage is a cloud storage offering from Google with a price tag of $0.02 per GB per month. It is available in multiple regions, offers high durability and easily integrates with other Google services.

Persistence Layer

Hiren is VP of Technology at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation. PWAs are compatible apps with any browser and can run on any device. You can easily adjust an app’s function to a tablet and a desktop as well. These apps can easily be discovered and shared through URL instead of the app store. Installation of these apps is also effortless and can be quickly added to a device’s home screen.

  • When the load increases, a web application starts working more slowly.
  • It is similar to the C language and is easy to learn and build.
  • You’ll find these components in most of the applications running online today on the web.
  • While Two-way data binding is a great feature, it can result in slow performance on older and legacy devices.
  • Along with reduced development efforts, it brings faster time to market as well.
  • A cloud storage provider helps you with the required infrastructure for storage on a pay-per-use subscription model.

For that reason, a change of management is easy and cost-effective. The client layer can be a thin-client which means hardware costs are reduced. This modular model allows you to modify a single tier without affecting the remaining components. In a traditional 2-Tier architecture, there are two components namely the client side system or the user interface and a backend system which is usually a database server. Here the business logic is incorporated into the user interface or the database server.

Microservice and Serverless Approach

As the name says, load balancer is a service that balances traffic loads by distributing them across different servers based on the availability or predefined policies. When a user request is received in the load balancer, it retrieves the health of the server in terms of availability and scalability and routes the request to the best server. A load balancer can be a hardware component or a software program.

high load web application architecture

Now we can further add more components to this architecture, such as the load balancer, CDN, cache, etc. Building a secure architecture is a minimal requirement for any organization. Applying security protocols and policies not only secures your data and environment but it also helps you easily manage audit tasks and comply with government regulations. Web applications are now being delivered as SaaS applications. There are two models to deploy SaaS apps, single tenant vs multi tenant architecture. Over here you would be able to analyze the process from start to end with the help of a Web Application Architecture Diagram.

Additional Resources and Tutorials on Web Application Architecture

Node.js is highly popular as it offers a rich library of JavaScript modules that enable developers to quickly build quality applications. It is event-driven and asynchronous and runs on a single thread while being highly scalable. Node.js best suits apps that are data streaming, data-intensive, I/O bound and JSON-API based. Paypal, Uber, eBay and GoDaddy are some of the popular applications that are powered by Node.js. The centralized model works well for organizations where the applications to be protected by AWS WAF are similar, and rules can be consistent.

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