For those looking for a higher payout, you can take a higher risky market such as the -2.5 set handicap or the game handicap at evens. These are also two very good alternatives to bet on favorite players in Grand Slams. This is a common mistake in tennis betting, where people think a player will beat another because that another was defeated by someone that your player beat. However, tennis is a sport where matchup plays a decisive role in the outcome of a match. Clay is a very popular surface in Europe and South America with plenty of tournaments all year long. This is considered as the slowest of all surfaces where players need to work extra hard to win points.

  • The break-even point for decimal odds is 2.00, as these odds will double your money if your bet is successful.
  • It is recommended that you pick a method you usually use in your online transactions.
  • Not all offers available in all states, please visit BetMGM for the latest promotions for your area.
  • Mirroring the ATP, it encompasses the biggest events of the year for the ladies, including all four Grand Slams.

Knowing the playing surface is the number one factor for tennis betting since very few players can play equally in all of them. The speed of the court and bounce of the ball are very different from surface to surface, making this a crucial aspect to the outcome of a match. Just like in baseball and hockey, the most popular way to bet on tennis is by playing the moneyline — which is another way of saying betting on a player to win the match. We’ve run you through the logistics of how to bet on tennis, but it’s vital you do so safely and responsibly.

Below are a few tennis betting tips to increase your chances of making the correct predictions and enhancing your profitability in the long run. When thinking about how to bet on tennis, bear in mind that there are both game spreads and set spreads. For example, a customer can select Federer against Paul with a game spread of -4.5. If the match is of the three-set variety and the final score of the match is Federer wins by a score (6-2, 6-2) Federer spread wagers are graded as winners. Federer won the total amount of games by a score of 12-4, which covers the -4.5-game spread.

However, as upsets are regular in tennis, this may not be the best strategy in the long run. Part of what makes tennis betting so popular is how much momentum can ebb and flow in a match and live betting on tennis reflects this. Players with big serves will enjoy playing on grass, as the ball plays a lot quicker, giving their opponents less time to react to return the serve. Clay courts see longer points, meaning players with better groundstrokes and those that have grown up playing in countries with clay courts are often more successful. This could be a wager on the number of games played in a match or on the number of sets.

Arthur Fils vs. Dominic Stephan Stricker Prediction and Odds

On this case, the two first bets were lost, which means that the total bankroll decreased and the stake should also decrease. We also advise that you use a flat stake betting system, which means betting always the same percentage in every bet. Below is an example to help you understand what a flat stake betting system in tennis is. Every bettor will experience good and bad runs, that is inevitable. For that reason, it’s important to bet a consistent amount and never go above a certain level to avoid losing all your bankroll. As in any other investment, you should only risk your money when you have made your research and believe it’s a good opportunity. The selection will be added to your betting coupon and you will be able to add the amount you wish to bet.

The Australian Open takes place in mid-January and is competed on the hard courts in Melbourne. The French Open is the second Grand Slam of the season and takes place at the end of May. If this is the case, a person would have to wager $110 on Williams to win $100. Because her odds appear as a “-” means you actually have to bet more than what you profit. In the case of Osaka, if you wagered $100 you would receive $140 if she wins.

Create Your Tennis Betting Record

Whereas Nadal entered the Australian Open at +700 and got to even +1100 at one point, before winning the final in 5 sets. In the case of Osaka, her Dublin Bet Casino odds would be set at 9/4 in such a match. This would mean that for every four pounds that a person wagered, they would win nine if Osaka won.

Tennis is an exciting sport to watch and, by extension, an exciting sport to bet on. We’ll be discussing everything from the main tournaments you need to know about to the different types of bets you can place. On grass it can lead to lengthy pauses in play with swings in the momentum of the match often seen when play eventually resumes. It’s important to keep up to date with injury news, form, and any other tennis updates, to make sure your futures bets have the best chance of winning.

Higher odds mean higher potential returns without the need to increase your stake or diversify your bets across numerous matches. For example, if you predict a player’s dominant win, a handicap bet might offer higher odds than a simple match bet. When betting on tennis, it’s essential to have a bankroll management strategy in place.

Parlays are high risk, high reward — you need each selection to come good for the bet to succeed, but the potential payout is typically much higher than a single bet. A tennis spread bet allows you to predict that a player will win by a certain number of games. If you bet on Djokovic, he’d need to have at least two more game wins to overcome the spread and for your bet to succeed. If you bet on Nadal, he can have two fewer game wins and still come up trumps. Having a decent knowledge of the top tennis players currently active on the circuit will ensure you make well-informed and sound bets. Here’s a look at some of the top men’s and women’s players to look out for.

Can I Bet Live on Tennis Matches?

With correct score betting we are attempting to predict the final scoreline for a given match. We can predict either of the players to win and select the exact scoreline come completion of the match. Here we can see that Andy Murray is the clear favourite, with odds of just 1.22 for him to win the match without dropping a set, 3 sets to 0. You can also bet on the total number of games to played through a match. Below we can see an example of a total games over under market with odds listed by Paddy Power for an upcoming match.

Betting On Tennis – Matches

Arbitrage betting is where you back a position or a prediction and lay against it. In essence, you bet on all possible outcomes so that any result becomes a win. This type of bet eliminates the luck or prediction bit and relies purely on mathematical advantages. If a top player is playing a home tournament is also something that you should be careful about, especially if that is the only tournament in their home country. Casper Ruud is currently one of the best players in the world and if there would be an ATP 250 in Norway for sure he would be motivated to play it. Besides this, there are also external variables that affect the game conditions and those are also relevant.

Live tennis betting lines

One of the most popular ways of wagering is by utilizing live tennis odds. Most online sportsbooks will now provide live in-play tennis markets, which tend to be available throughout the majority of the match. The live betting section of the website tends to be clearly signposted at the top of the home page. What makes games handicap betting a particularly intriguing market is that your player doesn’t have to win the match for your bet to be a winner, even if he were the favourite. For example, let’s say Verdasco wins the match 3 sets to 2, with a scoreline of 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 1-6, 6-4. In this example, Verdasco ended the match with a total of 22 games won while Wawrinka won a total of 28. With a games handicap of -5.5, even though he lost the match, Wawrinka still managed to cover his games handicap by exceeding his opponent’s games total by 6..

Other factor that plays a huge role in the outcome of the match is the player’s motivation. As an individual sport, tennis relies in just one player, or two if playing doubles. This means that if the player is not really motivated, then it’s very unlikely that he will win the match. Sports betting is one of the most rapidly growing industries all over the world, especially in the United States after the latest developments in laws and regulations.

All professional and successful bettors have a detailed betting record of all their activity. That is the only way for you to be able to keep track of your bets and analyze your performance. But in 2008, the tournament changed it surface to Plexicushion, making the conditions much slower with higher bounces. Even though the tournament was the same and always on hard court, the conditions were extremely different. We recommend that you try to know in detail all about the players, how they adjust to windy conditions or even if playing on altitude is something that they enjoy for example. The odds are always fluctuating according to the money invested by bettors and relevant information. For that reason, you want to be one of the first to get to the market to take advantage of those amazing opportunities.

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