Eurex worked towards achieving full MiFID II compliance well ahead of the application date. Any technical changes required to achieve compliance with the MiFID II/MiFIR regulations were implemented with the T7 Release 6.0. Customer service is taken care of through a phone hotline, email, as well as a live chat service for clients to send inquiries.

Forex Broker Turnkey Solution

As an IB you will focus your efforts on marketing to attract traders while the main broker takes care of the rest. Our network is used by over 2,400 buy-side client organizations worldwide, including global and regional corporate treasuries alongside several hundred commercial and private banks and major asset managers. White Label and in-House trading solutions provided by 360T have been adopted by major international companies to link request and transaction flow through a central trading desk. 360T has a global presence with customers in more than 75 countries and offices in Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, India and the Middle East. As an independent technology solution provider for the trading community, 360T is committed to providing functionality and development and is a strategic consultative partner in its clients´ success.

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Turnkey solutions allow you to start an FX company with minimal costs. The turnkey solution in this context is much cheaper, largely due to the optimization of the costs of the company’s services that offer them to enable more customers to use their solutions. Efficient back-office operations are the backbone of any successful forex brokerage. When evaluating turnkey software solutions, pay close attention to the back-office management capabilities offered.

Forex Broker Turnkey Solution

The trading platform is one of the most used turnkey solutions in Forex trading. They offer turnkey Forex spreads that are typically much tighter than those offered by traditional brokerages. The broker provides trading in a long range of forex pairs, as well as CFDs based on commodities, individual shares, major stock indices, and even exchange traded funds (ETFs). In terms of their forex offering, the broker offers up to 85 currency pairs with spreads starting as low as zero, which is also one of their main selling points. White-label products, particularly trading platforms, can be used by brokers at a much lower cost.


Every function within these solutions is customized to boost your business. LXSuite is a holistic approach that takes care of every detail of managing a brokerage. The main benefit is that LXSuite offers a myriad of services, knowledge, tools, and access to top industry experts. LXSuite will be with you throughout all the steps of starting a brokerage company, from the first clients to the major deals.

Forex Broker Turnkey Solution

All you need to do is enter the Instrument type, trade size, account currency and currency pair you are trading in. We offer a variety
of training materials including videos and forex turnkey solution demos to help our clients
understand the business. LXSuite is a complete solution that can help everyone on the totem pole from a rookie broker to a seasoned brokerage firm.


Various Web Technology Solutions like Website Design, digital Marketing, forex CRM, and forex trader’s Room play had a significant influence in this change. IQinik technologies will assist you with working on the productivity of your plan of action by building the best innovation devices. IQinik technologies is the market leader in giving Forex Technology Solutions, in light of the difficult work we put after all that we do. IQinik developers are master crafters at creating interactive and intuitive web solutions. We choose the best technologies for your project according to the requirements and follow agile development methodologies to best results. Getting a steady flow of Forex leads is usually a huge challenge for most brokers.

Most, if not all, entrepreneurs planning to launch their own forex brokerage have limited resources in terms of experience, knowledge, budget, and time. A good turnkey FX Solution may greatly accelerate the start-up process while also lowering costs. That is how the majority of retail forex brokerage firms commence and operate. Regulated by the German Financial Authority and operated as a SaaS setup, the company provides clear and tangible values for the financial market.


It is a risk-free account that is preloaded with virtual funds for practice purposes. You can input the amount needed in the demo account when creating it and test your trading strategies until you build enough confidence to consider making the switch to a real account. Today, the Forex Business turnkey model is the only and very effective way to launch new brokers in the currency trading market. IQinik has a team of industry experts leading the development of bespoke trading and Forex solutions and helping you build an incredible sustainable business. Get your feed, web development, client zone, Sirix Web Trader, MetaTrader White Label, liquidity, lead generation, & payment solutions all in one single place. Determine your market by considering things like the initial cost of capital, marketing strategy, required software, and incorporation procedures.

Forex Broker Turnkey Solution

Sometimes there are also ready-made products available that are precisely designed for a brokerage firm. Forex brokerage turnkey solutions are an excellent tool for quickly creating and launching a finished product in the form of a successfully functioning Forex brokerage business. It does not require additional actions from the customer’s company to configure the systems and services involved in the operation of the entire infrastructure of the brokerage company.

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