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what are plant assets

Plant assets get their name from the industrial era because most fixed assets were factory plants. Today, plant assets are often referred to as Property, Plant, and Equipment (PP&E). The four main examples of plant assets, or PP&E, are land, equipment, buildings, and improvements.

How to Account for Plant Assets

Plant asset examples can be anything categorized as land, machines, structures, and improvements. For example, this can be property, computers, new office building, or technological accessories. The rise of mass transportation has increased the focus for businesses to invest in their vehicle fleets.

  • What you’re left with are all the machines, land, equipment, and buildings used to produce your goods.
  • Industries that are considered capital-intensive have a significant amount of fixed assets, such as oil companies, auto manufacturers, and steel companies.
  • Companies that are expanding may decide to purchase fixed assets to invest in the long-term future of the company.
  • Plant assets are different from other non-current assets due to tangibility and prolonged economic benefits.

In a way, depreciation can be conceptualized as the amount you need to pay if you did not have the asset. Capital goods, such as equipment what are plant assets and machines, hold significant value as well. Equipment is unique to each business and is the most diverse of the plant asset types.

Main Purposes of Financial Statements (Explained)

This is typically done through an aggressive plant asset maintenance plan that can be easily followed and carried out on a routine basis. These assets are significant for any business entity because they’re necessary for running operations. Besides, there is a heavy investment involved to acquire the plant assets for any business entity.

In any case, owing to price and duration, property held by a company is generally the most valuable asset. The land is also an asset that is unlikely to deteriorate in value over time. Plant assets have many diverse characteristics that play a role in the business. If you picture a business as a process that creates wealth for the owners, PP&E are the physical machine. Left by themselves, PP&E just sit there, but put into action by people with energy and purpose, they become a money-making machine. Plant assets (other than land) are depreciated over their useful lives and each year’s depreciation is credited to a contra asset account Accumulated Depreciation.

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Current assets typically include cash, inventory, accounts receivable, and other short-term liquid assets. In contrast, plant assets represent long-term property expected to be around for at least a year, often quite a bit longer than that. The key characteristics of plant assets are their revenue generation focus, tangibility usefulness, and how long an asset’s usefulness can last. Plant assets are reported differently than other assets on a business’s accounting sheets. Plant assets lose value over time through general use, which is called depreciation. Depreciation can be used as a business expense to lower the tax burden.

what are plant assets

A business such as a truck dealership
would classify the same delivery truck as inventory because the truck is held
for sale. Also, land held for speculation or not yet put into service is a
long-term investment rather than a plant asset because the land is not being
used by the business. However, standby equipment used only in peak or emergency
periods is a plant asset because it is used in the operations of the business. Property, plant, and equipment (PP&E) are the long-term, tangible assets that a company owns.

A Guide to Properly Managing Plant Assets

From there, companies within an industry can often be easily compared. Plant assets are reported within the property, plant, and equipment line item on the reporting entity’s balance sheet, where it is grouped within the long-term assets section. The presentation may pair the line item with accumulated depreciation, which offsets the reported amount of the asset. The most valuable fixed assets during the Industrial Revolution were plants and factory facilities. Many of these plants today are a used many ways but still hold tremendous value for whichever business owns them. The second method of deprecation is the declining balance method or written down value method.

  • This chapter introduces how organizations categorize and account for fixed assets.
  • This is typically done through an aggressive plant asset maintenance plan that can be easily followed and carried out on a routine basis.
  • Over time, plant assets lose value, and this decline refers to depreciation.
  • Buildings are assets that include any structure or facility that a business builds or owns on their property.
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  • Current assets typically include cash, inventory, accounts receivable, and other short-term liquid assets.

Anything that can be used productively to general sales for the company can fall into this category. “What is a plant asset?” There are numerous plant assets examples https://accounting-services.net/contra-inventory-account-accountingtools/ that can be found on a business’s PP&E balance sheet. The most common examples are land, equipment and machines, buildings, and capital improvements.

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