Hoh to change internet provider on Texecom Smartcom

1) enter engineer mode
2) open smartcome
3) inside of the smartcome you’ll see a label with Password (make a note of that)
4) press and hold for at list 5 second, the botton on the righte hand site of the LED
5) the internet LED will start blinking approximately once per second
6) on you smartfone finde the network with the smartcome name connect with the password from the smartcome
7) goto your internet browser and type
9) in the smartcome menu select new network provider put the password from the new internet provive and press connect.
10) it will not show you connection status, but you can see it on the smartcome WIFI LED when solid ON it means connected

The smartcome operates at 2.4GHz supporting 802.11b/802.11g & 802.11n Wireless technology.
5GHz are not supported.

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